what is Power BI?

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Power BI is a suite of software developed by Microsoft and designed to create interactive visualisations by utilising key business data. Using simple interfaces, it seeks to empower business users and give them the ability to generate reports and valuable gain data insights. By collating and studying information on Power BI, you can identify weaker areas of your operation and improve productivity and profitability. That’s where Data Insight Systems comes in. It’s not always easy to gain useful, actionable data from your Power BI system. Our expert consultants help you to make the most of your software investment.

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collecting data

Connect hundreds of otherwise disparate data sources in one central software suite.

analysing data

Investigate inefficiencies and learn how to optimise your business’s daily operations.

cultivating insights

Through our expert consultancy, turn information into actionable business insights.

informing decisions

Implement real world improvements that help you build more sales and enquiries.

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data insight systems

your Power BI experts

Our experienced and talented team has worked intimately with Power BI for many years. This helps us to ensure each client gleans the most possible benefits from their software setup. Data Insight Systems is ready to help you take your Power BI system to the next level. Get in touch today to discover everything you’ve been missing out on.

  • Realise Power BI’s full potential
  • Gain real insights into your business
  • Utilise data from many different sources
  • Optimise your system setup
  • Learn from the industry experts


see your data in new ways

with data insight systems

In the modern business world, data is everywhere. From sales figures to online customer behaviour and everything in between, it is easy to feel buried under an avalanche of information. Data Insight Systems can help you create your own bespoke dashboards, displaying the details you care about in an interface that is easy to understand. Our down to earth approach means you can stop wasting time sifting through spreadsheets and start improving your business instead.

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find out how our insights can help your business – connect with us – click here or call 03452629984