Power BI Premium

the next level of business analytics

Microsoft’s Power BI Premium is a paid service which allows users to accelerate the delivery of business intelligence insights. Perfect for larger corporations and multinationals, this software suite is one of the most powerful offerings on the market today. At Data Insight Systems, we offer in-depth Power BI Premium consultancy to help you realise the system’s enormous potential in real world gains. A significant advance in this software is the ability to ensure everyone has access to the appropriate insights, streamlining your working relationships. Why not build another channel of communication with our expert consulting team?

connect home

Get connected

A dedicated, cloud-based infrastructure makes it easier than ever to build your network.

Scale as required

Grow at your pace, adding more functionality and users when they’re needed most.

Unlock big data

Glean the most benefit from your organisation’s data, building greater efficiencies every day.

Simplify data management

Powerful tools make it simple for your data analysts to draw reliable conclusions.

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data insight systems

your Power BI Premium partner

The experts at Data Insight Systems can help you to implement all of Power BI Premium’s exceptional functions, from the everyday to the most complex. Investing in our expert support not only lets you unleash Premium but also ensures your business gains the greatest benefit from the software. We can help you start to utilise all aspects of Premium right away.

  • Expert advice and training
  • Unlock big data for your business
  • Enjoy simplified data management
  • Perfect for professional data analysts
  • Learn from the industry experts


flexible collaboration

professional business intelligence

Microsoft has given Power BI Premium users the opportunity to enjoy a flexible working environment. If your team is spread across multiple sites, or you have individuals who require different levels of access, this system could be the perfect choice for you. Data Insight Systems can set up unified BI tools which make it a breeze to work with people right across your organisation.

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find out how our insights can help your business – connect with us – click here or call 03452629984