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This powerful tool is available as a free download from Microsoft. It is specifically designed to help you go from insight to action, using interactive reports and data visualisations to display key information. Data Insight Systems is here to help you utilise Power BI Desktop’s full potential. By accessing data from hundreds of cloud-based and on-premises locations, this software enables you to find actionable insights for your organisation. Compatible platforms include Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel and Sharepoint. We offer expert consultancy on the effective implementation of Power BI Desktop at businesses just like yours.

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import data

Pull together information from a wide array of cloud-based and on-premises locations.

enrich data

Transform data from many platforms into one integrated, easy to understand interface.

generate reports

Using intuitive controls and menus, create insightful reports based on your key data.

build improvements

Gain insights into potential business optimisation, sharable with your whole organisation.

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your Power BI Desktop experts

We have worked intimately with Power BI Desktop since its original release. This leaves us perfectly placed to help you use the system to your maximum benefit. Our expert team is on-hand to help you gather data from multiple sources, generate engaging reports and even identify possible areas of improvement for your daily operations.

  • Harness Power BI Desktop to its full potential
  • Gain the ability to create dynamic reports
  • Share your authored reports online or offline
  • Optimise your system setup
  • Learn from the industry experts


dynamic reporting

Power BI & data insight systems

Microsoft’s free Power BI Desktop platform offers a host of potential reporting benefits. This includes the ability to get key information to those who need it in a layout they can understand. In addition, all reports are generated in a mobile-friendly format. This is perfect for organisations with representatives out on the road or in multiple working locations.

This software might be free to download, but that belies its potential impact on your business.

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find out how our insights can help your business – connect with us – click here or call 03452629984